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Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Takenaka’s laboratory

1-1 Sensui-cyo, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
Fukuoka 804-8550 Japan
Tel&Fax: +81-93-884-3322

[Shigeori Takenaka]
Prof. Shigeori Takenaka

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Shigeori TAKENAKA received his PhD in 1988 at Kyushu University. He worked at Kyushu University as Research Associate (1987-1989) and as Associate Professor (1989-1991, 1996- 2005). He also worked at Kyushu Institute of Technology (kyutech) as Associate Professor (1991-1996) and as Professor (2005 -). He was a visiting scientist for Prof. W. David Wilson, Georgia State University (1994-1995). He is the director of the Research Center for Bio-microsensing Technology, kyutech (2006-).

Research subject

  1. Development of electrochemical gene detection and its application for electrochemical DNA chip

  2. Development of an electrochemical nuclease assay system

  3. Development of an electrochemical protease assay system: Electrochemical diagnosis of periodontal disease

  4. Development of inexpensive instrument and kit enabling bedside diagnosis for an early stage cancer: Electrochemical telomerase assay

  5. Potassium ion sensing in living cells with a potassium ion sensing oligonucleotide (PSO)

  6. Discrimination between X- and Y-sperms by using the Fourier Transfer infrared spectroscopy coupled with multiple classification analysis

  7. Construction of novel DNA nano material using DNA intercalator

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