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日時: 2017年4月27日(木)14:30-15:30

場所: 九州工業大学戸畑キャンパス 教育研究8号棟8-1A講義室

演題: Cation-sensitive fluorescent probes based on tetraplex DNA structures

講師: Prof. Bernard Juskowakm, ポーランドアダムキャビッチ大学

概 要:Certain DNA sequences that are guanine-or cytosine-rich can form four-stranded structures called G-quadruplexesand i-motifs, respectively. These tetraplexDNA forms have recently received great attention because G-rich (G -guanine) and C-rich (C-cytosine) sequences are often found in a genome e.g., in telomericDNA or protooncogeneregions, and because of their potential links to mechanisms that relate to cancer and other diseases.
The unique structures of tetraplexeshave also stimulated development of new bioanalytical assays. Target induced intramolecular folding of a flexible single-stranded DNA molecule (properly labeled with reporter groups) into a compact G4 or i-motif DNA structure is a structural transition leading to the development of a molecular device that generates an analytical signal.
Current activities of his research group related to above mentioned applications of DNA tetraplexeswill be presented. The topics will focus on: (i) i-motif based pH probe that shows fluorescence quenching or excimer emission, (ii) G-quadruplexbased quenching and FRET probes for potassium ion and their interaction with lipid monolayer at the air/water interface, and (iii) DNAzyme-based system for silver deposition.

2017.04.27 第45回歯工学連携講演会 (Bernard Juskowak 先生 ポーランド アダムミキャビッチ大学 教授)