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日時: 平成29年6月22日(木)13:00~14:00

場所: 九州工業大学戸畑キャンパス 総合教育棟C-1B講義室

演題: Point-of-care Biosensors and their applications

講師: Prof. Min-Ho Lee, School of Integrative Engineering, ChungAng University

概 要:Highly sensitive point of care (POC) platform or any method of such kind for the examination of thyroid hormones such as TSH, T4, T3 are not available on the market. In addition, there exists a limitation to detect relatively low amount of such hormones present in serum by using lateral flow assay method. To meet this end, he has developed time-resolved fluorescence based detection module and he has used optimized lanthanide chemicals, more specifically europium conjugated beads in an attempt to measure the ultralow levels of hormones. As a preliminary results, he has obtained precision of within 7% and sensitivity of 1mIU/mL for the detection of abovementioned hormones.

2017.06.22 第47回歯工学連携講演会(Prof. Min-Ho Lee@ChungAng University)